Pastor Mark Bohr Preaching in Uganda

January 16th, 2013, was a big day for me. I was nervous but also excited.

My heart in serving God has always been about Australia. As a Pastor you always want to help. My wife, children and I have always had a child we have sponsored. As the Pastor, I have always encouraged the people of the Church to support missions and give to charities, but I never had a desire to travel and network overseas.

God started to change my heart as we connected with a number of Pastors in Africa. My son Sam and I started to support Alice Renzaho and her project to help those in the slums in Kampala. Each month, when Sam came home from working, we would send money to Alice to help with her project.

Katanga Slums, Kampala, Uganda

After reading Brian McLaren’s book, “Everything Must Change”, which is about being a facilitator of change in a broken and hurting world, I was faced with a dilemma. Do I still just focus on Australia? Or do I start to make a difference in needy third world countries? Well the answer became a reality on the 16th of January when I walked out of the airport at Entebbe and met with Alice, her husband Pastor Justus, and Pastor Samuel Comfort. I was connected immediately to these people and my desire to help in areas of poverty and brokenness became much stronger.

I went with these Pastors and Racheal Mugide, our African Administrator, to many areas around Kampala. Pastor Justus asked, “Do you want to go to the waterfalls of Uganda?”, and I said, ‘No, I want to go to the slums”, and so we did. There I saw firsthand the great need of these people, who are living in poverty and brokenness. My heart went out to them, and to all of Africa.

Katanga Slums, Kampala, Uganda

I spoke at a Ministers Conference in Kampala, and was warmly greeted. I knew that this great place in Uganda was a place that became a home in my heart. I found in these great men and women the same passion for God and the community that I have. I saw the overwhelming need in these communities just by driving down the street and watching young boys and girls trying to sell some small items so they can have money for food.

I saw the beggars and those with missing limbs trying to get money to survive into the next day. I saw all the children and families that Alice Renzaho is helping in her project. I saw the happy children with no shoes and raggy clothes laughing and playing. Then when I saw this, I saw myself, and made a decision that I want to be a facilitator of change in Uganda. I want to make a difference and that is why we have created this website, to raise support and also awareness that we, as groups and as individuals, can make a difference in our world.

One of the Schools Pastor Mark Bohr Visited in Uganda

If you would like to find out more about my trip to Uganda, you can view the video on YouTube that is linked to our website.

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