Beachside Church Central Coast Incorporated

Creative, Simple and Effective Weekly Expression

For the first 4 weeks, starting the 13th of October 2013, we will be holding Reunions every Sunday at 5pm at the Uniting Church Kincumber.


Service 1 – Worship God and Communion

Starting 10 November 2013

This service will be our first service each month and is based around our worship of God and our relationship with Him.

Our focus during this service will be about learning how to grow in that relationship.


Service 2 – Community with Believers

Starting 17 November 2013

The second service will be about how we relate in community with each other, how we live out our Christian life, how we relate to one another, and how we live as an effective God centred community.

Our focus will be on each other relating to God and living our lives in community.


Service 3 – Ecumenical Service (Emerging Church)

Starting 24 November 2013

The ecumenical service will be about joining together with other Christians of other denominations within the community.

Our focus would be on unity and praying for those who are doing missions locally and internationally.


Service 4 – Outreach Outside of Community

Starting 1 December 2013

Each week is about bringing others into the community but this week will be about outreach outside of the community.

We will endeavour to do a number of projects concerning our impact on those around us with God’s love. This could be using the service for outreach projects or us preparing to go out and make a difference. It could be a night of testimonies of what God is doing, as well as a service giving thanks for what He is doing through our lives.


Service 5 – Special Guest or Special Presentation

Starting 8 December 2013

This will also be an outreach focused service that will inspire and encourage believers and non-believers to connect with God.