Pamela Britt

Pamela Britt

The Pam Britt Story

As a child, I lived in Melbourne. I was raised in a very good and loving family, with Christian beliefs, and really lacked nothing. Unfortunately though, from a young age, I was sexually abused, and at the age of 9 was the victim of attempted rape. What made it worse was that the man was a close family member. He threatened to kill me if I told anyone, so I stayed silent. I knew that what was happening to me was wrong, and as I grew older I stayed away from this person. Being the victim of sexual abuse at a young age brings you a lot of problems later on in life in the way you view people, especially males and yourself.

All my friends used to tell me I should be a model and I always seemed to be in places where there were photographers. I began modelling when I was 16, and by 18 I was working as a full-time model. I did commercials for Holeproof stockings, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Herbert Adams pies and many more. I also did fashion parades, magazine work and photo shoots.

Pam Britt at the height of her modelling career

Pam Britt at the height of her modelling career

One day, while I was at a Doctor’s Surgery, I was spotted by a movie producer. I left before he was able to talk with me, so he searched through all of the modelling agencies to find me. He was able to get in touch with me and wanted me to be in one of his movies.

It was around this time that I started to feel like I was under a lot of pressure. Many of my friends were musicians, and I loved to go and watch them play. It was a form of escapism for me. I was going to a lot of parties, and it was there that I was introduced to drugs. At first it was just smoking Marijuana, but later everyone seemed to be smoking Heroin. I thought Heroin was the answer to all of my problems. Little did I know that it would bring with it 12 years of living hell.

I struggled with my addiction to Heroin, and tried many times to come off it, but I was unsuccessful. While selling Heroin to support my own habit, I was arrested. This saved my life. I was admitted into a 2 year drug rehabilitation program on a suspended gaol sentence. It was during this program that I finally talked about the reasons I had turned to using drugs in the first place.

Examples from Pam Britt's Portfolio

Examples from Pam Britt’s Portfolio

I thank God that the Judge gave me a chance to do the program instead of going to gaol. They looked at my modelling career and saw that I had tried to do something with my life before drugs took over. After I graduated the program, I got a job for 6 months and started living with my boyfriend. He started using Heroin and soon, so did I. I did not want to go down the same road, so I got onto a Methadone program. I was on Methadone for 8 years.

Towards the end of the 8 years I met a Doctor who was a born again Christian. I used to see him with my Husband and I would listen to him talk about God. I was intrigued and I wondered if God could make a difference in my life. I would always leave his surgery thinking about what he had said.

Pam Britt - Modelling for Schick

Pam Britt – Modelling for Schick

One night my neighbour came over and asked me to go to a Bible Study with them. At first I said no, but then she told me that Dr Kwan was picking her up. My first thought was about his black Porsche and, as I had not driven in a Porsche in years, I said I would come for the ride. That night, at the study, I invited God into my heart.

Most of the people who attended the study were very educated, which amazed me. I had never seen such happy people and I wanted what those people had. Joy and happiness had eluded me for years, all I had was anger and depression. After this night, I started to change as a person and I wanted to be around positive people. I found I had a lot of love and support from everyone, and I started to go to Church, even though I didn’t understand much.

Pam Britt

Pam Britt

One day I came home and spat out my Methadone. I felt like it was poison. A week went by and in the early hours of the morning I screamed out for Jesus. I was admitted into Hospital for 3 months while I came off Methadone. While I was in there I gave up smoking and later, gave up smoking dope. I knew I had God’s strength within me and I have never needed to use drugs again in my life.

There have been so many people who have helped me and supported me. I have met a lot of people in my life (Actors, Musicians, etc.), some who are now very famous, but I have never met anyone like Jesus Christ. He has impacted my life in every sense, and has taught me how to love, forgive and care.

Pamela Britt

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