Pastor Abdul Masih with the Children

The Emerging Church is working in Pakistan with Pastor Abdul Masih. Pastor Abdul runs a school to help children from poor homes, among his many other projects. At present there are approximately 30 children attending his school in Pakistan.In the past, The Emerging Church has donated hats in summer to help keep these children from getting sun stroke in the hot dry climate in which they live. And during winter, we have sent them shoes to help keep their feet warm, and protect them from the harsh terrain.

Our desire is to continue seeking support for these children. While we have sent money over to Pakistan, we want to continue to increase the profile of Pastor Abdul and this project, and get the attention of more people who are interested in helping in these areas.

These poor children are from Christian and Muslim backgrounds, and it is important that we, as The Emerging Church, encourage your support without discrimination.

If you would like to support this project please email to