Our values come out of our desire to live in harmony with everyone. They come from our reflection and understanding of life in this post-modern world.

Value 1 – Being Non-Judgmental

The value of a non-judgmental attitude is a key area that will engage connection and encourage positive responses. Regardless of differences in culture and lifestyle we want to express tolerance and understanding for all people.

Value 2 – Being Inclusive

Respecting people and giving dignity to them as individuals, welcoming them and treating them with respect regardless of their differences.

Value 3 – Respecting All People

Respect is challenged when there is disagreement. Do we have to stop respecting when we disagree? Challenging each other concerning beliefs and values is important in dialogue without compromising human dignity and respect.

Value 4 – Honesty

Honesty is an important value that builds trust. Honesty is important to maintain at every level of relationship.

Value 5 – Adaptability

Being fluid, adaptable, understanding and listening is a positive and productive way to relate to others without trying to push your views.

Value 6 – Being Yourself

Being you is important, and self-expression is a value that encourages diversity. Don’t try to duplicate yourself, it could mean compromising who you are. We encourage diversity in a multi-cultural world so that different people can express who they are without concerns of harassment or victimisation.

Value 7 – Equality

In God’s eyes we are created in His image and it is important to see everyone as being equal and treating them likewise. Different roles in society may warrant a level of respect but they should never be put in a place in which there is a higher distinction.

Value 8 – Reconciliation

Connecting or re-connecting people for the purpose of maintaining peace and harmony. Forgiving and letting go of wrongs so that we can move forward for the purpose of improving our world.

Value 9 – Helping Others

Helping others and thinking beyond our own needs. “Give, and it will be given to you” (Luke6:38), so when you give, it helps you become a better person.