Pastor Mark Bohr

Pastor Mark Bohr has been in Ministry since 1986 when he first started as an Assistant Pastor at Cabramatta in Sydney’s south-west. He has been married to his wife Jacqueline for 27 years, and has 4 sons.

“Starting off in the Ministry was exciting as I was newly married and both my wife, Jacqueline, and I had a desire to serve God. We were youth pastors and we loved people. We wanted to help people find direction in life through a personal encounter with God. Our ministry had an emphasis on young people and married couples enjoying their lives.”

During their youth pastoring at Cabramatta, Mark started a Christian Education Ministry in local primary and high schools, and held youth events throughout the Liverpool area. Mark was then invited to pastor a country Church in Cessnock, west of Newcastle, in 1990.

“Those days at Cessnock were really difficult. I had a young family and I was giving a lot to the Church and, at times, neglecting my family. I ended up an emotional basket case and both Jacqueline and I were happy to sell our house in Cessnock and move back to the Sutherland Shire, Sydney.”

After their time at Cessnock, they took a break from the Ministry for a year before Mark became a Scripture Co-ordinator at Caringbah and Endeavour High Schools. This was a very fruitful time for Mark, with many young people responding to the gospel and moving into a variety of different Churches throughout the Sutherland Shire.

“At times we would have 140 teenagers attend our lunchtime group, and numerous young people coming to Christ and being added to local Churches. This happened for nearly 10 years at these schools and other schools through-out the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. It was a great time to serve God.”

Pastor Mark Bohr with his wife Jacqueline and 2 of their sons, Sam & Jacob

During Mark’s time as a Scripture Coordinator he also produced a comic book and a video encouraging teenagers to enjoy life without drugs. In 1999, while still involved in an interdenominational Ministry, Mark pioneered a Church at Miranda. This Church grew and eventually became an extension of Hillsong Church in Sydney.

In 2003 Mark became involved in “Youth Alive NSW”, and was involved in pioneering the “EXO” (Life is Excellent) program in 244 schools across NSW. Mark then became a full-time Christian educator at Galston High School for 4 years and, during this time, pioneered a Church at Avoca Beach.

Mark was also the Project Manager for Drug Arm in the Northern Beaches and Newcastle in 2004-2005. This program was helping intoxicated young people and drug addicts on Friday & Saturday nights that were in threat of harm.

Pastor Mark Bohr Preaching in Uganda

In 2009, Mark became involved in Industrial & Corporate Chaplaincy & Counselling in a number of multi-national companies, as well as in local and state government.

“I love working with people and helping at their point of need. Many people in our society are struggling to find their way, and being involved in the Employee Assistance Program provides employees with a free service that could be crucial in their hour of need.”

Mark is still involved in the corporate world, as well as pastoring at Avoca Beach. Recently he has set up “The Emerging Church Incorporated” that will take on an international role in helping people better understand God, life and the world, and promoting a welcoming and inclusive community. During a recent trip to East Africa, Mark was allowed the privilege of preaching at a seminar for the local Pastors. He connected with many Pastors from Burundi, Kenya and Uganda, and, from this emerged a common hope of bringing together churches and communities around the world into a postmodern thinking era through support, connection and open conversation.