The Heart Focus of Beachside Church: A Vision for Tomorrow



Being Creative is about finding our way in an evolving world that is constantly changing. Understanding that God is multi-dimensional and we are all on a journey of learning, loving and expressing our faith.

God has given us a gift to create. “orthopathy” is about right affection. God loving us and through His love Beachside loving God, each other and the community. We want to create from a place of right affection. We want to create because we are consumed by His love for the world we live in (John 3:16).



Even though we have so much to learn, understand and sift through, it is important to keep it simple. Beachside will be about communicating God’s love in an original and compelling way that resonates with our community.

We are communicating a simple message that will transform our lives and our world. We want our lives to shine as we express “orthopraxy” right action. The way we do this is by entering into dialogue with those within our community and respecting those around us, their differences, their needs, goals and desires for a better life. Our desire is to have new and innovative ideas that have come from an openness to help within the community and beyond so that we can express through our actions God’s great love.



Effectiveness will be about building strong credibility in the local area of the Central Coast and creating a community that people of all backgrounds feel loved and welcomed.

Our effectiveness will come from our desire to be true to ourselves in a constantly changing world. Hebrews 6:18b-19a Therefore, we who have fled to Jesus for refuge can have great confidence as we hold to the hope that lies before us. This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls (New Living Translation).

Our desire as a Church is to have “orthodoxy” (right doctrine) that keeps us humble and interested in exploring further the life of God. As a Church it is our goal to allow people to find their way in understanding God as we give direction from the scriptures in preaching, teaching and reaching out to our world in a loving, caring and respectful manner.