Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance is an effective program that works alongside Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety to help employees who may be going through difficult times. Most companies that have large numbers of employees in corporate, government and community have an Employee Assistance Program.

These programs can employ chaplains, psychologists, counsellors, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and other health professionals to help the employee get back on track with their lives and work. Most companies would have a counselling service so that employees have the opportunity to share their problem in a highly confidential arrangement. Counsellors are available for listening, counselling, rapid response and referrals to other professionals.

I love the principle that this program works from, as its goal is to assist in providing a service that will focus on the needs of the employee and their family, rather than the needs of the company.

When the focus is on the employee, it benefits the company as the EAP helps assist employees in their way forward in dealing with immediate problems that are restricting and hindering their effectiveness in the workplace.

If you would like to find out more about the Employee Assistance Program, please email us at admin@theemergingchurch.com.au