Benoit Aliamtu

My name is Benoit Aliamtu. I was born at Nyakabiga, Bujumbura in the country of Burundi in 1981. My late father’s name was Aliamtu Albert and my mother is Mwashiti Dina. My father was killed during the war here in Burundi in 1996.

Since the death of my father, we have been raised by my mother. I come from a family of 6 sisters and 1 young brother who is currently 17 years old.

Having been brought up by a single widowed mother, who was left with nothing after the death of my father, I have developed a desire and passion to help orphans, especially young ones.

I completed high school at Lycee Technique Saint Luc, where I specialized in Electrical Technique. Due to the poverty in my family, I wasn’t able to complete university studies.

I gave my life to Christ at FECABU Church in Bujumbura, and I was baptized by immersion. In my church, I’m a member of the Praise and Worship team. I’m also involved in the Youth Ministry and prayer.

I married Nelly Wabiwa Wapawenge in December 2011 and together we have a daughter by the name of Gisele. My wife is a singer in the church choir. We both love the Lord and we want to serve the Lord.

Currently, we live at Nyakabiga I am number 3 in Bujumbura, Burundi. If you would like to help Benoit please email us.