Racheal Mugide – African Administrator

On behalf of the Committee of Emerging Church in Australia, I wish to thank God for the opportunity he gave me to be part of this great Ministry, because it has helped us to reach out to so many people in Africa who are unable to sustain themselves and their families. In a special way, I thank Pastor Mark Bohr, Laura Zaubzer (Australian Administrator), the rest of the Pastors, and board members of Emerging Church in Australia for all their efforts to enable the smooth flow and running of this Ministry. I congratulate you all for successfully guiding and steering this Ministry, the national and global hardships notwithstanding. All credit is due.

I wish to extend my sincere gratitude once again to Pastor Mark for his cordial relations with the rest of the staff. He is a good mobilizer and coordinator, which have already yielded a lot of positive results. The administrative staff have done their best to coordinate, guide and organize the Ministry’s activities. They are all devoted, have a good sense of responsibility, and they all share common goal, to help their people in need.

The good effort put into the church by Pastor Mark and the rest of its members is commendable, and needs to be sustained and strengthened further. The involvement of all members in the program of helping Pastors and their families through holding meetings has yielded a lot of positive results and needs to be continuously encouraged. Our meetings have brought together Pastors and communities in Australia and African countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda plus many others, allowing for a greater army of God in the face of poverty and desolation. We are no longer working alone, we are working together.

The move to streamline and fine tune the performance of the ministry as a whole is a motivating factor for everyone involved to work for excellence. This, if combined with excellent fund-raising, will have a great impact on the lives of the local Pastors, their families, and their people, by enabling them perform God’s work effectively.

Pastor Mark has touched so many souls positively, especially in Africa, with his great ideas and he has reached out to so many people in need by helping them improve their standard of living, by providing them with food, clothes, shelter, medical care, and with good fatherly advice. Personally, Pastor Mark has greatly helped me find my way, just like he is going to keep doing with so many other people.

With your help, he will surely have a great impact on so many people’s lives because he is very kind, loving and a caring man of God.

Racheal Mugide

If you would like more information about the projects The Emerging Church are currently supporting in Africa, please email us at admin@theemergingchurch.com.au Alternatively, you can continue looking through our website under the heading ‘Global Outreach’.