The Emerging Church

The Emerging Church Incorporated is a group of believers who, through conversation, want to further understand God, life and the world.

We don’t claim to have all the answers. We want to research, seek, talk and stay open to others in our quest to make sense of our world.

Our understanding of society, Church and religion is that we are transitioning from the modern era to the postmodern era, and emerging into a new understanding. Instead of using modern era ideas, we are re-learning how to adapt into a new tomorrow.

One way we are trying to adapt is by listening to future generations. As modern era thinkers, we have been focused on learning from those who we see as wiser, more experienced, better educated and older. We don’t want to stop listening to this group, but we do want to broaden our knowledge of the world by listening to younger generations.

It is in our nature and understanding of society to gravitate towards teachers who are more experienced in their field, so we are aware of the challenges people may face when trying to go against this.

In re-learning how to be open to those who are younger, we need to humble ourselves and reflect more on how they perceive the world. Our goal is to be open, honest and sensitive, respectful of all people and their views, while still being true to who we are in Christ.